Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol.2&3 , K.282, K.283, K310, K331, K332, K545, K.576

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Orli Shaham piano

On this recording Orli Shaham presents the second instalment in her complete recording of Mozart piano sonatas. It was immediately selected as Classic FM's  (UK) Album of the week pre-release in early August 2022.

Shaham is a musical polymath: an internationally renowned concert pianist who performs an astonishingly wide range of repertoire; a deft programmer in recitals and as artistic director and host of Pacific Symphony’s chamber music series in California; a dedicated teacher on faculty at The Juilliard School; a noted radio broadcaster known for her sharp wit and keen intellect; and founder and artistic director of Bach Yard, an interactive concert series for young children.

The first volume in Orli Shaham’s complete recording of Mozart’s piano sonatas received wide critical acclaim, with journalists praising Shaham as “an intelligent and sensitive guide” whose “subtle manipulation of timing conveys a strong sense of Mozart’s puckish and quick-witted compositional approach. ”

In this 2CD set, Orli Shaham performs the ever popular sonata K.331, with its famous Rondo Alla turca; one of the most technically demanding piano works by Mozart: the sonata in D-major K.576; and the Sonata in A-minor K.310, a work with enormous emotional depth.

Recorded in Ms. Shaham’s favorite venue, Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts, the deluxe digipack comes complete with comprehensive booklet annotations that put the voice of the performer front and center, giving the listener valuable first-hand insights into Shaham’s artistry, musicality and interpretation.

The annotations take the form of a conversation between Orli Shaham and noted music critic Andrew Stewart. The two dive deeply into each sonata, discussing events and circumstances relevant to the pieces’ composition and content. Far from an academic exercise, this engagement with history infuses Shaham’s interpretations with a spirit of vitality and expressiveness. In Orli Shaham's words, “Living with Mozart’s sonatas and getting close to them over time has been a joy and a privilege. They give so many insights into Mozart’s mind, his personality, his soul, and reveal fresh things about
the music and what it means every time I play or listen to them.'' In her performances, Ms. Shaham revels in these connections, embracing the moment and capturing the mood of the music. The recording studio environment allowed her to push the boundaries of interpretation, and “go all out” with each successive take.


Sometimes you just have to get out of the way and let the pros do their thing. Now half way through a journey through Mozart's complete piano sonatas, Shaham wants to make music from the ages for the ages as she crawls inside the music not deeming it ready until she can add something extra to it that goes beyond. Bringing her improv skills to the fore, you get a fat dose of Mozart here that gets a proper reading but isn't like you've heard it before----and none of it rolls off the rails. An absolute must for any of Mozart's fans. 

Midwest Tapes

Shaham’s approach has resulted in a Mozart recording which is undoubtedly the most interesting, arresting and enjoyable that I have heard in a long time. Each Sonata is replete with appealingly fresh and inspiring musical ideas, and Shaham’s gift for improvisation in the classical style is at times startling.

If you thought that you would never find anything new in a Mozart recording, think again... it is certainly THE version of these works to which I anticipate returning time and again. I have found it almost overwhelmingly stunning.




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