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Canary Classics LLC Terms and Conditions

It is the user’s responsibility to check the terms and conditions as use of the Canary Classics site (www.canaryclassics.com) will indicate the user’s acceptance of the terms and conditions as published including any changes that may have been effected since the user’s previous visit to the site.


Canary Classics recognizes that security is one of the major concerns for the shopper during an online transaction. We use 'PayPal' who use state of the art security tools and techniques to ensure that you are protected against online fraud. For more information about PayPal online security visit the website at www.paypal.com.

Digital Delivery

Canary Classics currently makes available albums for delivery in MP3 (320 kbs) and CD quality FLAC files and where possible High Resolution (24 bit) audio recordings. For our High Resolution audio recordings our sampling rates vary from between 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz, with the original Sampling rate stipulated in the digital booklets available with purchase of a release.

A FLAC audio file is a Free Lossless Audio Codec. The significant advantage is that FLAC reduces the file size of the audio content by up to 40% without sacrificing the audio quality.

High Resolution Audio (24-bit). Canary Classics has chosen to make our High Resolution Audio available as WAV files, which easily convert to AIFF or your preferred format.

All Canary Classics digital recordings are compatible with both PC and Mac computers. There are a wide range of suitable audio players available for download on the internet for MP3 and WAV files, including iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp.

WARNING: FLAC files are not compatible with iTunes or Windows Media Player, can be converted to suit either player, but can be played directly using Winamp.

Intellectual Property and Website content

Canary Classics website and the partners, platforms and devices which service it host and broadcast content and data in various forms. Canary Classics has sought and obtained the appropriate permissions for sound recordings, words, music, photographs, artwork, and logos ("the content") to be displayed and made available on or via the website. The content and databases, and variously the design thereof, are owned by or licensed to Canary Classics LLC and are protected by copyright and other rights categorized as intellectual property laws. The user is not permitted to download, copy, reproduce, alter, re-record, perform, publish, broadcast, share, upload or in any other manner disseminate or otherwise transmit, any of the content for financial gain, profiteering or otherwise.

Unauthorized use of the content whether in the manner broadly detailed in the preceding paragraph or otherwise may render the user subject to civil or criminal proceedings and thereby financial penalty for copyright infringement. Such proceedings will be determined by statutory laws of New York State, USA.

Mobile Devices

In the development of this website, canaryclassics.com has been tested on iPad, iPhone and Android devices on the latest (2014) operating systems. The user experience on Blackberry OS, Blackberry QNX and Symbian or other mobile devices may vary. Canary Classics is not able to cater for all mobile devices and all mobile platforms, and unable to guarantee that all elements of the website view satisfactorily.

Delivery Times

Canary Classics aims to process all orders within 2 working days of receipt. Delivery the world over should be within 6- 8 working days of dispatch, and in many instances - Europe and North America - should be much quicker. Express Delivery will be 3 – 4 working days of placing an order.

Out of Stock

It happens but rarely, that items go out of stock, but never for long. Sometimes manufacturing difficulties beyond our control mean that items may be unavailable for longer periods. 
For details e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Cooling-off Period

Canary Classics allows you to return internet purchases within seven days and to receive a refund of the CD price provided it is still in the original shrink-wrapped condition as delivered. Due to the nature of downloads, no refunds can be given for any download (MP3, FLAC or Hi Res), once the transaction is complete.


Canary Classics values your privacy. By being a subscriber any personal information you give us remains confidential and we do not share this information with a third party.

External Websites

Canary Classics cannot be help responsible in any way for content on external websites published on this website, or content viewed on this website fed by blogging sites.