St Louis Symphony Orchestra


Embracing the light and dark of Mozart’s Piano Concertos, ...enchants with tempos that mould appreciably this expressive music, giving it time and richness of sound (superbly recorded…). Orli Shaham (sister of Gil) and David Robertson are at-one interpretatively... and the SLS members are stylish and sympathetic confreres.

The opening of K453, while poised, is also infectious in its spirit, delightfully detailed… K491… the orchestral introduction finds emotional urgency, Shaham speaks of isolation in her initial appearance; thus an admirable tension is produced, theatre and Innigkeit intertwined, the aural equivalent of a page-turner. The first-movement cadenza is by Saint-Saëns…in the booklet, you will find there an extensive three-way conversation between pianist, conductor and Elaine Sisman – the latter a “bona fide academic authority on Mozart’s music ... [and who] thinks Mozart is really cool...”. He is when performed like this.


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